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Here are the publications and presentations from the UW BERG group.

In Revision

Eddy, S.L.*, S.E. Brownell*, M.P.Wenderoth. Gender gaps in achievement and participation in multiple introductory biology classrooms. (in revision 10/28/13 to CBE- Life Science Education) * contributed equally

Freeman, S., R.J. Theobald, A.J. Crowe, and M.P. Wenderoth. 2014. Likes attract in a college classroom. (in revision)

Eddy, S.L., M. Converse, and M.P.Wenderoth. 2014. PORTAAL: a Practical Observation Tool to Assess Active Learning in the College Science Classroom. (in preparation)

Theobald, E.J., J. HilleRisLambers, M.P., Wenderoth, A.J. Crowe, and S. Freeman. 2015. Women learn more from local than global examples of climate change. (in press: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment)




Brownell, S.E., S. Freeman, M. P. Wenderoth, and A. J. Crowe. BioCore Guide: A tool for interpreting the core concepts of Vision and Change for biology majors. CBE Life Science Education 13 (2): June 2nd,  2014

Grunspan, D. Z., B.L. Wiggins, S. M. Goodreau Understanding Classrooms through Social Network Analysis: A Primer for Social Network Analysis in Education Research. CBE Life Science Education 13 (2): June 2nd, 2014

Freeman S., S.L. Eddy, M. McDonough, M.K. Smith, M.P. Wenderoth, N. Okoroafor, H. Jordt. End of lecture: Active learning increases student performance across STEM disciplines. PNAS May 12 2014

S. Freeman, R.J. Theobald. 2014. Is It the Intervention or the Students? Using Linear Regression to Control for Student Characteristics in Undergraduate STEM Education Research. CBE Life Science Education 13 (1)


Brownell, S.E., M.P., Wenderoth, R.J. Theobald, O. Okoroafor, M. Koval., S. Freeman, Walcher, C., and A.J. Crowe. 2013 How students think about experimental design: Novel conceptions revealed by in-class activities. BioScience 2013:doi: 10.1093/biosci/bit016

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Freeman, S., D. Haak, and M.P. Wenderoth. 2011. Increased Course Structure Improves Performance in Introductory Biology. CBELife Science Education 10 (2):175-186

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Freeman, S. and J. Parks. 2010. How Accurate is Peer Grading. CBE Life Science Education 9(4): 482488

T.Balser*, C.Dirks*, S.Freeman*, K.Miller*, J.Momsen*, L.Montplaisir*, E. Offerstadhl*, M.Osgood*, K.Sirum*, M.P.Wenderoth*, B.White*, W.Wood*. 2010. Meeting Report: Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER). CBE Life Science Education 10(1):11-13. * Contributed equally to this manuscript.


Crowe*, A, C. Dirks*, and M.P. Wenderoth*. 2008. Biology in Bloom: Implementing Bloom’s Taxonomy to Enhance Student Learning in Biology. CBE-Life Sciences Education 7 (4): 368-381*Authors contributed equally


Wenderoth, M.P. 2007. A Manual for the Scientific (Teaching) Revolution. CBE- Life Sciences Education 6(4):271-2. (a book review)

Freeman, S., E. O’Connor, J. W. Parks, M. Cunningham, D. Hurley, D. Haak, C. Dirks, M.P. Wenderoth. 2007. Prescribed Active Learning Increases Performance in Introductory Biology. CBE Life Sciences Education 6(2): 132–139

Posters & Presentations


August 13- Ecological Society of America 99th Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA

*Elli Theobald gave a talk on (co-authored by Drs. Alison Crowe, Janneke

HilleRisLambers, Mary Pat Wenderoth, and Scott Freeman:

                  Local vs. Global: Women learn more from local examples of the biological impacts of climate change


April 15- 10th Annual UW Teaching and Learning Symposium

*Dr. Scott Freeman gave the Keynote speech:

End of Lecture:  The Future of Evidence-Based Teaching

*Dr. Alison Crowe presented a poster on:

The BioCore Guide: A Grassroots Approach to Curriculum Development

*Dr. Sarah Eddy presented a poster on:

Gender Gaps in Achievement and Participation in Introductory Biology Classrooms

*Dr. Sarah Eddy, Dan Grunspan, and Ben Wiggins presented a poster on:

Investigating a Gender Gap in Peer Perception



August 28th-30th – Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education Conference
*Drs. Sarah Eddy and Sara Brownell presented a poster on:

Class Strategies to Increase Achievement of all Students


July 11th – 14th – Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) National Meeting

*Dr. Sara Brownell presented a talk on:

In-class activities on experimental design reveal undergraduate students’ conceptions of sample size and repetition of experiments.

*Dr. Sarah Eddy presented a talk on:

Confronting Stereotype Threat in a Large Introductory Biology Classroom

*Dan Grunspan presented a talk on:

Socializing in Class: Using Social Network Analyses in the Classroom

*Dr. Sara Brownell presented a poster on:

Navigating from Vision to Change: Curriculum Assessment in University of Washington’s Department of Biology

*Dr. Sarah Eddy presented a poster on:

Development and Implementation of an Instrument to characterize Active Learning in Large Lecture Classes

*Dr. Scott Freeman presented a poster on:

How best to teach phylogenetic tree thinking? Hypothesis driven testing of two in class activities

*Clarissa Dirks, Carri Leroy, and Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth presented a poster on:

Science Process and Reasoning Skills Test (SPARST): Development and Early Diagnostic Results



July 23 2013- Undergraduate Research Symposium

*Mercedes Converse presented her a poster on:

Developing an Instrument to Characterize Active Learning in Large Classes



April 16 2013- 9th Annual UW Teaching and Learning Symposium

*Dr. Sarah Eddy, Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth, Kelly Hogan, Mercedes Converse, and Dr. Scott Freeman presented a poster on:  

Increasing the Achievement of Historically Underrepresented Groups in Large STEM Classes

*Benjamin Wiggins and Dan Grunspan presented a poster on:

Understanding the Dynamic Large-Lecture Classroom Through Network Analysis

*Dr. Sara Brownell, Dr. Scott Freeman, and Dr. Alison Crowe presented a poster on:

Navigating from Vision to Change: Curriculum Assessment in UW’s Department of Biology

*Jenny McFarland and Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth presented a poster on:

Conceptual Frameworks and Misconceptions Associated with Core Principles of Physiology, including Homeostasis

*Dr. Scott Freeman, Roddy Theobald, Dr. Alison Crowe, and Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth presented a poster on:

Likes Attract in a College Biology Classroom

*Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth and Clarissa Dirks presented a poster on:

SPARST: Assessing the Science Process and Reasoning Skills of Undergraduate Science Majors

*Dr. Alison Crowe, Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth, Dr. Scott Freeman, Dozie Okoroafor, Roddy Theobald, Mikhail Koval presented a poster on:

An In-Class Activity that Promotes Understanding of Experimental Design for Undergraduates



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